Fun in the Sun for Mommies and Kiddos

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. No one knows this better than a working mom. When two working moms from sunny Southern California Gena Griffin and Angela Fajardo, found themselves chasing after their kids with a bottle of sunscreen in their hands, they knew there had to be a better way. Wrestling with impatient toddlers in order to slather them with sunscreen was worse than herding cats. To make matters worse, no matter how often they reapplied, their kids’ cheekbones still looked burnt, and sun damaged after a full day spent outdoors. The two moms put their heads together and invented Sun Patches, an innovative new product that protects the sensitive under eye and upper cheek area of the face. Made of medical grade silicone, these high-quality patches are infused with a UPF 50+ sun block formula. Designed to protect the vulnerable under eye and cheekbone area, the sun patch not only acts as a protective barrier against the sun and wind, it also traps moisture where you need it most. These hypoallergenic, skin-soft patches come in fun colors and are reusable. They’re the perfect accessory for a fun filled day at the beach or park with the kiddos.