Clever Benefits from this Simple UV Patch

Clever Benefits from this simple UV Patch

Dec 29, 2021Gena Griffin

What if I told you that there was a new anti-aging product that protects your skin better than any fancy skin care line, serum, or med-spa treatment?

While sunblock is great, and serums and med-spa treatments are every girl’s best friend, nothing, I repeat, nothing is as effective in protecting your skin from the sun and other environmental pollutants than a physical barrier.

Scientists agree that the ideal and most effective sunscreen blocks both ultraviolet A and B (UVA and UVB) rays, is stable, doesn't break down in the sun, and doesn't get absorbed through the skin. Until recently, the most effective physical barrier for your face was a hat.

Recently, SunPatch has come out with a fun new stick-on mask made of medical grade silicone infused with a UPF 50+ sun block formula. Designed to protect the vulnerable under eye and cheekbone area, the sun patch not only acts as a protective physical barrier against the sun and wind, it also traps moisture where you need it most.

These hypoallergenic, skin-soft patches come in fun colors and are reusable.