I have always been obsessed with sun protection and that goes for my kids too.

My daughter would always get red cheeks no matter how many times I reapplied sunscreen. I kept thinking that someone should come out with a product that I wouldn’t have to reapply, and would protect my kids’ sensitive skin all day.

But why wait for someone else to do it?
Sun Patch was born.

Well, the idea for it was born. What came next was 3 years of product development to create a patch that not only offered maximum sun protection, but was comfortable enough for my kids to want to wear all day.

So my family became the product testers for Sun Patch, and trust me, my kids were the toughest critics (but also my biggest cheerleaders).

Together, we finally developed a waterproof, reusable patch, that locks in moisture and feels like a second skin.

There were no more arguments at the pool about sunscreen getting in their eyes. Just people asking about our patches and where we got them.

My friends kept asking me what my secret was for the change in my skin, and why it looked so healthy and hydrated.

What started out as a way to protect my kids quickly became a passion to protect friends, family, and now customers worldwide!

All skin is beautiful and deserves the best protection we can give it for its healthiest and most beautiful future.

That’s why we’ll continue to innovate and create products to help us all enjoy the sun AND protect our skin for years to come.

(And look cute doing it…)


Gena, Founder + CEO