Sun Patches Are The New, Must-Have Snow Seas Accessory

Sun Patches Are The New, Must-Have Snow Season Accessory

Mar 23, 2021Gena Griffin

Ski season is around the corner and after being cooped up indoors thanks to covid, everyone is getting ready to hit the slopes. The fresh air, the thrilling exercise, and the breath-taking views are all part of the experience. Unfortunately, so is sun damage. The atmosphere at higher altitudes filters less sunlight than the sea level atmosphere, causing more harm to the skin. Ultraviolet Rays from the sun that cause skin damage are stronger at higher elevations. At 10,0000 feet you are 70% more exposed to UV Rays than you are at the beach. To make matters worse, the fresh snow acts like a giant mirror that beams UVA and UVB rays onto exposed areas of skin. What’s a snow bunny to do?

This year, in addition to slathering on the sunscreen, sun-savvy skiers and snow boarders are turning to Sun Patches. These high-quality, medical grade silicone patches are infused with a UPF 50+ sun block formula. Designed to protect the vulnerable under eye and cheekbone area, the sun patch not only acts as a protective barrier against the sun and wind, it also traps moisture where you need it most. Put them on in the morning before you hit the slopes and enjoy the day. These hypoallergenic, skin-soft patches come in fun colors and are reusable.