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Due to high demand, Sunkiss Squares will ship end of May.

Your Ultimate Solution for Targeted Sun Protection!

Are you searching for a sun protection solution that delivers the ultimate defense against harmful UV rays? Sun Patch Squares Targeted Protection are here to provide the ideal safeguard for specific areas, including those that have been biopsied, tattoos, or other vulnerable zones, with its cutting-edge features:

1. Comprehensive Targeted UV Defense: Sun Patch Squares Targeted Protection offers unparalleled sun defense, effectively blocking 98% of both UVA and UVB rays throughout the day. Bid farewell to sun-related concerns and embrace worry-free sun exposure for your targeted areas.

2. Perfect for Vulnerable Areas: We understand that certain areas of your skin require special attention due to recent biopsies, tattoos, or inherent vulnerability. Sun Patch Squares Targeted Protection is meticulously designed to cater to these specific zones, ensuring they receive the protection they need.

3. Waterproof and Rub-Resistant: Whether you're swimming, sweating, or engaged in various outdoor activities, our innovative design ensures that our protection stays in place. It's both waterproof and won't rub off, guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting coverage.

4. Patent-Pending Material: Sun Patch Squares Targeted Protection is meticulously crafted with a patent-pending material that combines the qualities of high-quality silicone, a material highly favored by medical professionals, with the benefits of zinc oxide. This not only ensures optimal sun protection but also offers superior comfort and durability for your specific areas.

Make the smart choice to safeguard your targeted areas from the sun's harmful rays. Sun Patch Squares Targeted Protection is the superior choice for those who demand precise and effective protection, all day long.

Don't compromise the health and integrity of your skin – choose Sun Patch Squares Targeted Protection and enjoy life's moments with confidence!

Waterproof UV Protection

100% Silicone


Favored by plastic surgeons and burn units for it's ability to act as a second epidermal layer and protect the skin, we infused our high-quality silicone with zinc-oxide for the ultimate UV protection.

UPF 50+

Blocks and impressive 99.8% of UVA/UVB rays


Designed for sensitive skin and latex-free


No animals were used or tested on


Rinse with warm water and let air-dry to reactivate adhesive gel.


Clean, Dry Skin

Wipe away any makeup or skincare and pat skin dry.

Peel + Stick

Peel you Sun Patch off the liner and apply to skin. Press firmly.

Sunscreen + Go!

Apply your favorite sunscreen over your Sun Patch and go play!

Clean, Dry Skin
Peel + Stick
Sunscreen + Go!


Common questions. Honest Answers.

Sun Patches were designed for everyone at any age! With skin cancer and sun-sensitivity on the rise, we needed more options.Think of us as targeted UV protection for areas that need it most!

Yes! The adhesive that gives our patches their stick is made with 100% biocompatible silicone gel that is hypoallergenic and latex-free! It locks in moisture and actually prevents water-loss from the skin!

Sun Patches are waterproof and only need one application for 50+ UV protection all day. We're reusable, and won't rub off so you can enjoy the sun and not worry about areas prone to sun burn, sun sensitivity, or skin cancer.