Naked Sundays Priming Lotion Pack

We agree when Naked Sundays says “This is a mineral SPF unlike you've ever tried before. Looks tinted but spreads on easily, this SPF50+ 100% mineral active ingredient sunscreen is infused with our exclusive Vegan Collagen that can help smooth the look of fine lines and boost moisture, plus we've added watermelon extract (chock full of Vitamin C, amino acids & antioxidants) for extra hydration.

Paired with our best-selling white under-eye patches that block 99.8% of UV rays and lock-in moisture, you’ll be ready to enjoy the sun while your skin lives its best life.

Use priming lotion on skin after Sun Patches are applied for the best stick. For full ingredient list and instructions on how to use Naked Sundays Priming Lotion, click here.

In this pack, you get our bestselling White Under-Eye UV Protection Patches (4 pairs) and Naked Sundays SPF50+ Collagen Glow Mineral Perfection Priming Lotion (Retails for $34.00).

Plus you get a FREE holographic storage bag – buy now, thank us later.


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Keep UV rays out. Lock moisture in.

  • UPF 50+ infused silicone
  • Blocks 99% UVA/UVB rays
  • Waterproof (sticks even when swimming)
  • Latex free + phthalate free + hypoallergenic
  • Each patch can be reused 10 or more times
  • UV blocker lasts up to 1 year
  • 100% silicone patch and adhesive gel (biocompatible)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lasts all day
  • Water and sweat proof

100% Biocompatible Silicone Patch and Adhesive Gel

What the hell does that mean? It means that we use the highest grade silicone that is compatible with living tissue and acts as a physical sunblock - basically like having a second skin that is sun-proof. Sun Patches block 99.8% of UVA + UVB rays and you only have to apply them once for that area to be protected all day!

Hypoallergenic, Second-Skin Comfort

Sun protection is only as good as how it feels. We knew we needed to create patches that felt like a second skin that would stay on all day, but remove comfortably at night. It took us three years of testing to find the perfect balance that would be durable and waterproof, and soft and hypoallergenic on even the most sensitive skin.

Reusable 10x and lasts all day

Durable, stretchy, and strong! Our silicone patches are reusable up to 10x (or more) with proper care. To re-activate the hypoallergenic silicone adhesive gel, just rinse under warm water, and let air-dry (sticky side up). You can store back on the liner until your next use, or if you’re like us, keep a handy pair on your vanity mirror for easy-access.

Water and sweat proof

Whether you’re posting or swimming, our patches are designed to stay in place. In fact, they even help lock-in moisture in the skin by preventing water loss while worn. So your skin will stay protected and hydrated where you need it most.

Easy to Apply

  • 1 Use skincare, sunscreen, or makeup after Sun Patches are applied.
  • 2 To apply, peel off liner & stick Sun Patches on clean dry skin. Best if applied 15min before water activity.
  • 3 To reuse, wash under warm water and let air dry, adhesive side up. Store on liner until next use.

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