How to still love the sun
When it damages our skin

“Premature aging of the skin is caused by light exposure… There’s really no reason for photoaging*, We can keep skin looking good for decades if we just take care of it.”

- Melanie Palm,
MD, Medical Director of Art of Skin MD

“Photoaging is a direct result of the cumulative sun damage you’ve been exposed to in your life and is responsible for 90% of the visible changes to your skin.” Yikes!

The sun is also essential for our well-being and health!

It helps with our production of vitamin D, supports mental health, and so much more!

Meet Sun Patch

We love the sun / not the damage

Sun Patch is a physical barrier between you and the harmful UV rays that cause photoaging. We use the highest quality silicone that helps protect targeted areas that need it most.

With Sun Patch, you apply once, and your most sun-sensitive areas are protected all day!

Yes We...

- Are hypoallergenic

- Protect against UVA and UVB rays

- Are water and sweat proof

- Feel like a second skin

- Are latex + phthalate free

- Are cruelty-free

- Last all day

- Lock in moisture

- Use a 100% silicone adhesive gel

- Are reusable up to 10x +

- Look in cute in pictures (just like you)

Trust Us

We get it

We’re a team who has struggled with skin conditions galore. Melasma, freckles, dry/cracked skin, severe acne, oily/clogged pores, aging skin, the list goes on!

But we’ve learned to love the skin we’re in.

We want to protect our skin AND yours to be its healthiest, and look its best.

We are skincare fanatics AND sun lovers.

And we don’t plan on changing that anytime soon…